About Us

UBC is an energetic and dynamic company that provides a leading personal and business wealth management planning.

It consisted of different divisions where the respective division heads are responsible for coaching and providing direct assistance to ensure all consultants under UBC are delivering the best solutions to our valued customers.

We believed that excellent customer services and providing accurate consultations and advice should be in place for the public good. Recognizing good work as well as expressing gratitude among the teams within the organization cannot be neglected, and we have run our business successfully under this philosophy since our founding in 2002.

Mr. Nelson Chuah (Managing Director & founder)

Our Vision

“Be the market leader in risk management base financial and estate planning by providing uncompromised quality and great value”.

Our Mission

Be the choice of most preferred one-stop personal wealth management planning services company which persistently demonstrating excellence world class customer services with innovative solution to serve beyond our customer’s expectation; while indicative of caring attitude towards the nation and society.

Our Values & Beliefs

Loving, Caring – Unconditionally sharing with people as “We Are All One”!

Mind Set– Concentrate in being, but not doing. The direction is more important than the map.

People Connection – Reach out and touch someone.  Apply the Law of Seeding.

Assume Responsibility – If you see a problem, you own it. Cultivating shouldering responsibility and expanding capability through problem solving.

Take Risk – Only those who will risk going too far will know how far one can go. Sky is the limit, go for it.

Our Operation Formula

Our model is based on the belief of the company’s Culture, System and Services (CSS).

The company’s slogan – “We Are All One” cultivates togetherness. The success of the business model basically based on the following 3 key component:

CULTURE– continuous development of coherent viewpoints which bring a cumulative effect to otherwise isolated experiences of a group, making them fell special yet allowing others to have a parallel experience; it is vital to bring everyone to march towards same vision, mission and values.

SYSTEM – a viable system is designed to meet the demands of thriving in the changing environment. One of the prime feature of systems that thrive is that they are adaptable. Its also eases the replication and automation for the future business growth.

SERVICES – a completed spectrum of the financial & estate planning services. Comprised of the core value of world class excellent customer service commitment towards our valuable customers.

While our easi-to-implement model increases new entrepreneur engagement, our growing regular recruitment activities reinforce it.