• Mr. Nelson Chuah, RFP, LPA Company Managing DIrector

    Graduated from Hawaii Pacific University in U.S.A. Being the founder of UBC and visionary leader with passion in building more leaders. His philosophy is “Success is not by accident. It happens because people plan carefully and they lay the necessary groundwork to get the right result in the end,”

  • Mr. Fong Hoe Kheang, RFP, LPA Business Development Director

    Graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with Bachelor Degree & Master of Business Administration. He is one of the directors and pioneer consultants in UBC. His passion is adding value in people’s life through assisting & providing financial & estate planning solutions.

  • Ms. Teoh Siew Ling, CFP General Insurance Division Director

    Graduated with ICSA Professional Degree, and she is one of the directors of UBC. She used to provide some lecturing experience in Certified Financial Planning programmes in local collage.

  • Ms. See Lean Hwa, RFP, LPA Investment Division Director

    Graduated from Universiti Sain Malaysia, and she is one of the directors in UBC.  Her belief is in meeting the clients’ needs with a consultative approach is always the top priority. She values the long term relationship building with clients rather than transactional relationship.

  • Mr. Ho Soo Sheung, LPA Agency Development Director

    Graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with Bachelor Degree. He also completed the Life Planning Advisor (LPA) program of Great Eastern in 2015. He is now a Live Great Advisor of the company to promote healthy living concept together with Great Eastern.

  • MR. Ooi Ho Seng, CFP, LPA Research & Development Director

    Ooi Ho Seng graduated from the University of Oklahoma, USA, with Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a Life Planning Advisor of Great Eastern Life and a Professional Estate Planner of Rockwills Corporation. He also holds a Unit Trust Consultant & PRS Consultant license from PRINCIPAL Asset Management Bhd.