Our Model

css-iconOur model is based on the belief of the company’s Culture, System and Services (CSS); they play an important role to ensure the company makes a difference in its entire management, staff and associates. This core idea is at the root of the company’s founder, Mr. Nelson Chuah’s philosopy.

Our simple yet holistic approach help maximizes our human resources to focus on the activities that will help the company to grow in profits and personal development.

The company’s belief – “We Are All One” also directly cultivates everyone under the organization to work together closely as one. Everyone is encouraged to develop and lead projects that matter to them and company as a whole. The success of the business model basically based on the following 3 component:

CULTURE- it is concerned with the development of coherent viewpoints which bring a cumulative effect to otherwise isolated experiences of a group, making them fell special yet allowing others to have a parallel experience. Hence, culture is vital, as a source of continue multiple viewpoints, so that the quest for universal standard see continued individual expression and uniqueness.

SYSTEM – a viable system is any system organized in such a way as to meet the demands of thriving in the changing environment. One of the prime feature of systems that thrive is that they are adaptable. Its also eases the replication and automation for the future business growth.

SERVICES – provide a completed spectrum of the financial & estate planning services besides the business consultancy & coaching services. Encompassed a set of internal and external customer services to ensure the company meets the core value of excellent customer service commitment towards our customer.

While our easi-to-implement model increases new entrepreneur engagement, our growing regular recruitment activities reinforce it.